SAP Modules

What are SAP Modules?

What are SAP Modules?

Basic SAP Modules in SAP ERP

With SAP Enterprise Resource Planning solutions, companies have the opportunity to manage all end-to-end processes from financial processes to logistics processes, from production processes to quality management and project management processes in an integrated and simplified way.

With the use of one application for all processes, possible delays and errors due to the additional integration of using many applications at the same time, disconnections between processes and lack of holistic view. The SAP ERP solution, which provides a transition from a reactive structure to a proactive structure, consists of integrated SAP modules to which every business process belongs.

While corporate resource planning applications are the indispensable need of every company, the modules under these applications can differ according to the sectors or sectors in which the companies do business, their business needs, processes and visions.

SAP Modules List

SAP FI (Financials) and SAP CO (Controlling)
SAP MM (Materials Management)
SAP SD (Sales and Distribution)
SAP PP (Production Planning)
SAP PM (Plant Maintenance)
SAP QM (Quality Management)
SAP PS (Project Systems)

SAP Modules

The right resource management

SAP ERP can be a flexible and open air development error… Equipped with capable features, SAP ERP is critical ERG, flexible and open to development. showcases its possibilities to you.

Thanks to this solution, it is very easy to ensure that the resources are used effectively for the operations among the targets … Institutions should be discarded in addition to designing them for projects that will have the highest returns.

Central management approach

It is very difficult to manage all systems separately. The reason for Innova for SAP ERP solution is to bring together management management and aims to examine and examine the management of operations. Also, since this data is only entered once in the system, the data becomes singular. This makes it possible to significantly increase the added value of data in business processes. It turns into a significant gain. Reports from the system are much more realistic and useful projections than ever before.

Much more efficient business processes

With SAP ERP’s innova experience transformed into an end-to-end solution; it puts traceability, productivity and profitability returns as a natural result of all of this. This solution offers a scalable option thanks to its modular structure, and integrates seamlessly with external software and is included in the workflow. Thanks to the new management approach that will be brought to your company by the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution that is built with Innova’s SAP ERP, it will become more and more in your business processes.

Reduce your total cost

SAP ERP, SAP ERP is a flexible and easy-to-implement solution from installation to maintenance and upgrade processes. It is this solution designed for the overall management of both internal processes and external business processes in which the organization cooperates. SAP ERP, which is included in SAP NetWeaver, is protected in IT investments when it develops to work seamlessly with non-SAP business applications in compliance with all standards accepted worldwide. It is possible to use it in full compliance with SAP ERP.

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