SAP SD (Sales and Distribution)

SAP SD (Sales and Distribution)

SAP Sales and Distribution (SAP SD) is a basic functional module in SAP ERP Central Component (ECC), which enables organizations to store and manage customer and product related data. Firms use this data to manage all sales orders, uploading, billing and invoicing segments of their products and services.

SAP SD is a function of SAP ECC’s Logistics and with other modules such as Production Planning (PP), Plant Maintance (PM), Quality Management (QM), Materials Management (MM), Finance and Controlling (FICO) and Human Resources (HR). is also integrated.

Working with other modules, SAP SD enables a business process that surrounds the cycle to order. According to SAP, SD addresses all the details in the sales and distribution section of the cycle. In a typical cycle, SD creates a sales proposal and the customer then places a sales order, the goods are collected from a warehouse or production facility and sent to the customer, an invoice is sent with the order, and the payment made with the customer is entered into the receivables account. Each step in the process creates a process in the SD module that will create the operations to be overnight in other ECC modules.

For example; When the sales order is created in SD, it establishes a link for product availability control with MM, credit control with FICO, or tax calculation with FICO.

Data types in SAP SD

As with all modules in SAP ECC, everything in SAP SD revolves around master data stored and played in central master tables. There are two other types of data in ECC: transactional data and edited data. The main data types in SD are customer data, price and materials. Master data is used to generate transaction data in SAP ECC, such as sales order in SD ECC, maintenance record in PM, purchase order in MM, or production order in PP. Customized data is produced when an organization customizes SD to meet its own requirements.


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