SAP QM (Quality Management)

SAP QM (Quality Management)

SAP QM (Quality Management) module enables businesses to carry out all their processes in high quality. SAP QM module works integrated with purchasing, sales and production processes. Main processes such as goods receipt, goods issue, pre-production, during production and post-production are taken under control in terms of quality with the SAP QM module. Thanks to the wide functions it provides, the quality management module can carry out all the quality processes in detail.

With SAP Quality Management (QM), official documents and internal control documents are kept and tracked in the system. Basic quality control statistics, customer complaints, certificates, auditing activities, in-production errors and future errors that are presented with reports are prevented.

Functions of the SAP QM Module

The basic functions of the quality management module used in the management of goods receipt, goods issue and quality control processes in production can be categorized as follows;
• Basic Quality Control Data
• Quality Control in Purchasing
• Sample Controls
• Quality Control in Production (In-process)
• Quality Control in Contract Manufacturing
• Quality Control at the End of Production (Final)
• Quality Control in Shipment
• Quality Control in Returns
Certificate Controls
• Controls in mass production
• Controls for Calibration
• Repeated Controls (Shelf Life Materials)
• Stability Studies
• Other Controls
• Statistical Quality Control (SPC), Diagrams-Control Charts
• Audit Management

Quality in SAP is not just about control definitions. Apart from these, some documents tracked in the quality management system can be managed by the QM module of SAP through quality notifications. In this sense, various statistics can be obtained. The following list can be given as an example to the processes that can be followed through notifications;
• Vendor Errors
• In-production errors (Error type – Error Location Analysis),
• Internal Nonconformities,
• Customer complaints
• Six Sigma
• 5S
• Product Performance Reporting
• Environmental Notices
• Supervision Activities

Which modules does the SAP QM module work integrated with?

CO (Control Accounting): Quality related costs (Non-compliance costs, error prevention costs, QM order).
MM (Materials Management): Inventory management (Quality control related stocks, activation of movement types for quality control, usage decision and stock movements) and purchasing (supplier evaluation, access controls, audits, certificates, quality information record).
PP (Production Planning): In-process controls (Controls at the control points, during and after production.), Statistical process control (SPC) and analysis of efficiency assessment in production, batch management.
SD (Sales and Distribution): Final checks before sales, certificates sent, tracking customer returns, customer-specific control requirements.
PM (Plant Maintenance): Calibrations, serial number management, predictive maintenance and verification.
CRM (Customer Relationship Management): Quality statements and complaints from customers.

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