SAP PP (Production Planning)

SAP PP (Production Planning)

In SAP, the entire process that starts from estimation and needs management and goes through when production is completed and the produced material goes into stock, is carried out under the Production Planning and Control module (PP).

The PP module, which has a flexible structure that you can easily configure and model all the production management methods used in real life, provides all the data required for production planning and management in the system with its detailed infrastructure. In this way, it ensures that planning activities are carried out on the basis of materials, resources and operations, and also helps to keep track of production costs at the most detailed level.

By calculating not only actual costs but also planned costs, the PP module enables the costs to be seen even at the planning stage, and to make actual-planned cost comparisons after the actual production takes place.

SAP PP (Production Planning) module is one of the logistics processes of the SAP ERP solution package, which aims to ensure that production and planning processes are carried out in a healthy and coordinated manner by using production resources efficiently and communicating effectively with other units together with production.
The general concepts used in the Production Planning module are as follows:

• Product Tree: It is the list of materials used directly in the production of the product or semi-product and the list of required quantities for the unit product.
• Party Tracking: It is possible to manage the materials in stock as certain sub-clusters with lot tracking.
• Workplace: It is the main data in which the activities other than the material are defined in product costing, which includes the machinery / machine group working in the facility where the production is made, representing the staff / personnel group, having the capacity, providing formulas for the calculation of the termination on the work order.
• Each workplace is connected to a “cost center” and the activity costs incurred during the production activities in the relevant workplace are accumulated here according to the rules entered in the master data.
• Business Plans / Prescriptions: It is the main data that keeps what operations the materials go through while producing, how long these operations take place in which workplaces.
• A business plan can be created and assigned to more than one material, or a separate business plan can be created for each material.
• Production Versions: These are the master data that combines a product tree and a business plan.

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