SAP PM (Plant Maintenance)

SAP PM (Plant Maintenance)

SAP PM Plant Maintenance module covers recording, tracking, planning and controlling the costs of all maintenance repairs performed in an enterprise.
Plant Maintenance are part of the company and have many links with other business areas. Cost accounting, material management, production planning etc. modules are the main modules where the maintenance-repair module is connected.
Organizations can be shaped spatially, technically or functionally within the maintenance-repair module. Objects can be classified hierarchically within this organizational structure.
Within the scope of maintenance repair module;

Interruption maintenance and repair,
Repair and maintenance for correction purposes,
Preventive maintenance and repair,
Renewable repairable spare parts,
Many types of maintenance such as maintenance can be realized and in this way, the objects that need maintenance;

Actual status can be determined,
Target status can be maintained,
The target state can be recreated.
Measurement points and counters on objects can be tracked. Also standard failure for objects, cause, task, operation etc. catalogs can be prepared.
Maintenance and repair activities carried out regularly in certain periods can be defined in the system. When the desired date or measurement value comes, calls can be created automatically in the system. In this way, both errors are prevented and labor force is saved.
Finally, with SAP’s flexible reporting system, objects, catalogs, types of maintenance and repairs, costs, etc. are available on demand. reports on many topics can be obtained.


SAP Plant Care: A Definition

SAP Plant Maintenance (PM) is a component of the SAP ERP Central Component (ECC) and provides businesses with equipment and system maintenance.


SAP Plant Care Activities

SAP Plant Care helps manage inspections, repairs and preventive actions. The facility maintenance SAP module can also record problems in SAP, plan material activities and workforce, and record costs. In addition, SAP Plant Maintenance can check automatic repair and maintenance requests, if desired.

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