SAP FI (Financial) Tcodes

SAP FI (Financial) Tcodes

The most commonly used SAP FI transaction codes are as follows.

Tcode Description Module
ACCN Range Maintenance: Accrual Master Number FI
AKOF C FI Maintain Table TAKOF FI
F-01 Enter Sample Document FI
F-02 Enter G/L Account Posting FI
F-03 Clear G/L Account FI
F-04 Post with Clearing FI
F-05 Post Foreign Currency Valuation FI
F-18 Payment with Printout FI
F-19 Reverse Statistical Posting FI
F-20 Reverse Bill Liability FI
F-21 Enter Transfer Posting FI
F-22 Enter Customer Invoice FI
F-23 Return Bill of Exchange Pmt Request FI
F-25 Reverse Check/Bill of Exch. FI
F-26 Incoming Payments Fast Entry FI
F-27 Enter Customer Credit Memo FI
F-28 Post Incoming Payments FI
F-29 Post Customer Down Payment FI
F-30 Post with Clearing FI
F-31 Post Outgoing Payments FI
F-32 Clear Customer FI
F-33 Post Bill of Exchange Usage FI
F-34 Post Collection FI
F-35 Post Forfaiting FI
F-36 Bill of Exchange Payment FI
F-37 Customer Down Payment Request FI
F-38 Enter Statistical Posting FI
F-39 Clear Customer Down Payment FI
F-40 Bill of Exchange Payment FI
F-41 Enter Vendor Credit Memo FI
F-42 Enter Transfer Posting FI
F-43 Enter Vendor Invoice FI
F-44 Clear Vendor FI
F-46 Reverse Refinancing Acceptance FI
F-47 Down Payment Request FI
F-48 Post Vendor Down Payment FI
F-49 Customer Noted Item FI
F-51 Post with Clearing FI
F-52 Post Incoming Payments FI
F-53 Post Outgoing Payments FI
F-54 Clear Vendor Down Payment FI
F-55 Enter Statistical Posting FI
F-56 Reverse Statistical Posting FI
F-57 Vendor Noted Item FI
F-58 Payment with Printout FI
F-59 Payment Request FI
F-63 Park Vendor Invoice FI
F-64 Park Customer Invoice FI
F-65 Preliminary Posting FI
F-66 Park Vendor Credit Memo FI
F-67 Park Customer Credit Memo FI
F.01 ABAP Report: Financial Statements FI
F.02 Compact Journal FI
F.03 Reconciliation FI
F.04 G/L: Create Foreign Trade Report FI
F.05 Foreign Currency Valuation FI
F.06 Foreign Currency Valuation:G/L Assts FI
F.07 G/L: Balance Carryforward FI
F.08 G/L: Account Balances FI
F.09 G/L: Account List FI
F.0A G/L: FTR Report on Disk FI
F.0B G/L: Create Z2 to Z4 FI
F.10 G/L: Chart of Accounts FI
F.11 G/L: General Ledger from Document File FI
F.12 Adv.Retrn for Tax on Sales/Purchases FI
F.13 Automatic Clearing without Currency FI
F.14 ABAP/4 Report: Recurring Entries FI
F.15 ABAP/4 Report: List Recurr.Entries FI
F.16 ABAP/4 Report: G/L Bal.Carryforward FI
F.17 ABAP/4 Report: Customer Bal.Confirmation FI
F.18 ABAP/4 Report: Vend.Bal.Confirmation FI
F.19 G/L: Goods/Invoice Received Clearing FI
F.1A Customer/Vendor Statistics FI
F.1B Head Office and Branch Index FI
F.20 A/R: Account List FI
F.21 A/R: Open Items FI
F.22 A/R: Open Item Sorted List FI
F.23 A/R: Account Balances FI
F.24 A/R: Interest for Days Overdue FI
F.25 Bill of Exchange List FI
F.26 A/R: Balance Interest Calculation FI
F.29 A/R: Set Up Info System 1 FI
F.2A A/R Overdue Int.: Post (Without OI) FI
F.2B A/R Overdue Int.: Post (with OI) FI
F.2C arr.: with o postings FI
F.2D Customrs: FI-SD comparison FI
F.30 A/R: Evaluate Info System FI
F.36 Adv.Ret.on Sls/ Purchase Form Printout(DE) FI
F.38 Transfer Posting of Deferred Tax FI
F.40 A/P: Account List FI
F.41 A/P: Open Items FI
F.42 A/P: Account Balances FI
F.44 A/P: Balance Interest Calculation FI
F.45 A/P: Set Up Info System 1 FI
F.46 A/P: Evaluate Info System FI
F.48 Vendors: FI-MM comparison FI
F.4A arr.: Post (w/o OI) FI
F.4B arr.: Post(with OI) FI
F.4C arr.: with o postings FI
F.50 G/L: Profitability Segment Adjustmnt FI
F.51 G/L: Open Items FI
F.53 G/L: Account Assignment Manual FI
F.54 G/L: Structured Account Balances FI
F.57 G/L: Delete Sample Documents FI
F.5D G/L: Update Bal. Sheet Adjustment FI
F.5E G/L: Post Balance Sheet Adjustment FI
F.5F G/L: Balance Sheet Adjustment Log FI
F.5G G/L: Subseq.Adjustment(BA/PC) Sp.ErA FI
F.64 Correspondence: Maintain Requests FI
F.65 Correspondence: Print Letters (Cust) FI
F.66 Correspondence: Print Letters (Vend) FI
F.70 Bill/Exchange Pmnt Request Dunning FI
F.71 DME with Disk: B/Excha. Presentation FI
F.75 Extended Bill/Exchange Information FI
F.80 Mass Reversal of Documents FI
F.81 Reverse Posting for Accr./Defer.Docs FI
F.93 Maintain Bill Liability and Rem.Risk FI
F010 ABAP/4 Reporting: Fiscal Year Change FI
F101 ABAP/4 Reporting: Balance Sheet Adj. FI
F107 FI Valuation Run FI
F110 Parameters for Automatic Payment FI
F13E Automatic Clearing With Currency FI
F150 Dunning Run FI
F17P Bal. Confirmation (Customer) as PDF FI
F18P Bal. Confirmation (Vendor) as PDF FI
FAKA Config.: Show Display Format FI
FAKP Config.: Maintain Display Format FI
FARY Table T061S FI
FARZ Table T061V FI
FB00 Accounting Editing Options FI
FB01 Post Document FI
FB02 Change Document FI
FB03 Display Document FI
FB04 Document Changes FI
FB05 Post with Clearing FI
FB07 Control Totals FI
FB08 Reverse Document FI
FB09 Change Line Items FI
FB10 Invoice/Credit Fast Entry FI
FB11 Post Held Document FI
FB12 Correspondence Request FI
FB13 Release for Payments FI
FB15 Assign Items FI
FB16 Assign Items FI
FB17 Open Item Assignmnt: Check from List FI
FB18 Maintain Standard Mail Texts FI
FB1D Clear Customer FI
FB1K Clear Vendor FI
FB21 Enter Statistical Posting FI
FB22 Reverse Statistical Posting FI
FB2E Reconciliation btwn affiliated comps FI
FB31 Enter Noted Item FI
FB50 G/L Account Pstg: Single Screen Transaction FI
FB60 Enter Incoming Invoices FI
FB65 Enter Incoming Credit Memos FI
FB70 Enter Outgoing Invoices FI
FB75 Enter Outgoing Credit Memos FI
FB99 Check if Documents can be Archived FI
FBA1 Customer Down Payment Request FI
FBA2 Post Customer Down Payment FI
FBA3 Clear Customer Down Payment FI
FBA6 Vendor Down Payment Request FI
FBA7 Post Vendor Down Payment FI
FBA8 Clear Vendor Down Payment FI
FBCB Balance Carryfwd for Ledger Group FI
FBD1 Enter Recurring Entry FI
FBD2 Change Recurring Entry FI
FBD3 Display Recurring Entry FI
FBD4 Display Recurring Entry Changes FI
FBD5 Realize Recurring Entry FI
FBD9 Enter Recurring Entry FI
FBE1 Create Payment Advice FI
FBE2 Change Payment Advice FI
FBE3 Display Payment Advice FI
FBE6 Delete Payment Advice FI
FBE7 Add to Payment Advice Account FI
FBL1 Display Vendor Line Items FI
FBL2 Change Vendor Line Items FI
FBL5 Display Customer Line Items FI
FBL6 Change Customer Line Items FI
FBM1 Enter Sample Document FI
FBM2 Change Sample Document FI
FBM3 Display Sample Document FI
FBM4 Display Sample Document Changes FI
FBN1 Accounting Document Number Ranges FI
FBP1 Enter Payment Request FI
FBR1 Post with Reference Document FI
FBR2 Post Document FI
FBRA Reset Cleared Items FI
FBRC Reset Cleared Items (Payment Cards) FI
FBS1 Enter Accrual/Deferral Document FI
FBU2 Change Intercompany Document FI
FBU3 Display Intercompany Document FI
FBU8 Reverse Cross-Company Code Document FI
FBV0 Post Parked Document FI
FBV1 Park Document FI
FBV2 Change Parked Document FI
FBV3 Display Parked Document FI
FBV4 Change Parked Document (Header) FI
FBV5 Document Changes of Parked Documents FI
FBV6 Parked Document $ FI
FBVB Post Parked Document FI
FBW1 Enter Bill of Exchange Pmnt Request FI
FBW2 Post Bill of Pmt Request FI
FBW3 Post Bill of Exchange Usage FI
FBW4 Reverse Bill Liability FI
FBW5 Customer Check/Bill of Exchange FI
FBW6 Vendor Check/Bill of Exchange FI
FBWD Returned Bills of Exchange Payable FI
FBWE Bill/Exch.Presentatn – International FI
FBWO Discounting of Orbian Credits FI
FBZ0 Display/Edit Payment Proposal FI
FBZ1 Post Incoming Payments FI
FBZ2 Post Outgoing Payments FI
FBZ3 Incoming Payments Fast Entry FI
FBZ4 Payment with Printout FI
FBZ5 Print Check for Payment Document FI
FBZ8 Display Payment Run FI
FBZA Display Pmnt Program Configuration FI
FBZP Maintain Pmnt Program Configuration FI
FCH1 Display Check Information FI
FCH2 Display Payment Document Checks FI
FCH3 Void Checks FI
FCH4 Renumber Checks FI
FCH5 Create Check Information FI
FCH6 Change Check Information/Cash Check FI
FCH7 Reprint Check FI
FCH8 Reverse Check Payment FI
FCH9 Void Issued Check FI
FCHA Check archiving FI
FCHB Check retrieval FI
FCHD Delete Payment Run Check Information FI
FCHE Delete Voided Checks FI
FCHF Delete Manual Checks FI
FCHG Delete cashing/extract data FI
FCHI Check Lots FI
FCHN Check Register FI
FCHR Online Cashed Checks FI
FCHT Change Check/Payment Assignment FI
FCHX Check Extract – Creation FI
FDTA TemSe/REGUT Data Administration FI
FEC6 Regulatory indicator assignment FI
FEC7 Regulatory indicators FI
FEC8 CO transaction type handling FI
FECA Customizing Archiving FI
FECC Control of messages by the user FI
FECG General regulatory parameters FI
FECJ Create job for multiple periods FI
FECM Online manual FI
FECP Copy regulatory parameters FI
FECV Clearing cost element variants FI
FEOD Drill down (Old version) FI
FEOT Flow of cost trace (Old version) FI
FEP4 Plan versions FI
FEP5 Fiscal year dep. version parameters FI
FEP6 Plan versions FI
FEP7 Fiscal year dep. version parameters FI
FER0 Standard cost adjustment FI
FER1 Trace flow of primary costs FI
FER2 Post primary costs FI
FER3 Post variance allocations FI
FER4 Direct postings FI
FER5 Prepare drill down FI
FERA Administration FI
FERD Drill down FI
FERE Transport periodic parameters FI
FERH Processing history FI
FERN Release notes FI
FERO Process actuals for current period FI
FERP Process plan for current period FI
FERQ Process plan FI
FERR Reverse regulatory procedure FI
FERS Process actual FI
FERT Flow of cost trace FI
FERV Validate regulatory configuration FI
FESA Summarized final objects FI
FESR Import of ISR File (Switzerland) FI
FEV1 Controlling area dependent parameter FI
FEV2 Company code dependent parameters FI
FEV3 Regulatory accounts for traced costs FI
FEV4 Specific Standard Cost. Adj. assignments FI
FEV5 Specific clearing COEl assignments FI
FEV6 Regulatory indicator assignments FI
FEV9 Regulatory accounts for direct post. FI
FINT Item Interest Calculation FI
FK10 Vendor Account Balance FI
FKMT FI Account Assignment Model Management FI
FOTP Create Electr. Special Advance Payt FI
FOTV Admin. Report Data Transmission FI
FQUD Customer Queries FI
FQUK Vendor Queries FI
FQUS G/L Account Queries FI
FSAP Addresses for Balance Confirmations FI
FSAV Balance Confirmations: Reply View FI
FSO2 Change Finan.Statement Vers. (old) FI
FSO3 Display Finan.Statement Vers. (Old) FI
FV50 Park G/L Account Items FI
FV53 Display Parked G/L Account Document FI
FV60 Park Incoming Invoices FI
FV63 Displayed Parked Vendor Document FI
FV65 Park Incoming Credit Memos FI
FV70 Preliminary Entry Outbound Invoices FI
FV73 Display Parked Customer Document FI
FV75 Park Outgoing Credit Notes FI
FXMN Call Additional Components (FDMN) FI
FYMN Call Additional Components (IMG) FI
F_71 DME with Disk: B/Excha. Presentation FI
F_75 Extended Bill/Exchange Information FI
F_76 Extended Bill of Exchange List (ALV) FI
F_77 C FI Maintain Table T045D FI
F_79 C FI Maintain Table T045G FI
F_90 C FI Maintain Table T045F FI
J1G4 MYF – Load customer data FI
J1G5 MYF – Load vendor data FI
J1G6 Import MYF data FI
J1GO Invoice selection criteria FI
J1GP Edit MYF data FI
J1GQ Export MYF data FI
J1GR W.Tax certificate types FI
J1GS W.Tax accounts FI
J1GT W.Tax certificates – Load data FI
J1GU W.Tax certificates data FI
J1GW W.Tax certificates – Printing FI
J1GX Bill/Exch.Presentation -Greek FI
OB00 C FI Maintain Table T030 (RDF) FI
OB19 C FI Maintain Table T059M FI
OBA0 G/L Account Tolerance Groups FI
OBD5 C FI Maintain Table T003B FI
OBF1 C FI Maintain Table TFI01/TFI01T FI
OBF2 C FI Maintain Table TFI02 FI
OBF3 Bank selection current setting FI
OBKR Maintain Number Range: FI_RECEIPT FI
OBMA Default Transaction Type for FI Acts FI
OBML Assgmt LO Trans Type to FI Trans Typ FI
OBNB Transaction Code for SAPMFKM2 FI
OBO1 C FI FAKP Line Item Line Layout FI
OBO2 C FI FAKP Credit Mangmnt Line Layout FI
OBT8 C FI Maintain Table TTXID (BELEG) FI
OBT9 C FI Maintain Table TTXID (MR01) FI
OBV5 C FI Maintain Table T030Q FI
OBV6 C FI Maintain Table T030V FI
OBV7 C FI Maintain Table T001O FI
OBVT C FI Display Restricted View FI
OBVV C FI Maintain Restricted View FI
OBWP Payment release by authorized person FI
OBWQ Payment Release Document Types FI
OBX1 C FI Table T030B: G/L Account Posting FI
OBXV C FI Table T030 FI
OBZO Document Types for Single Scrn Transactns FI
OBZT Single Screen Transaction Tax Code FI
F110S Automatic Scheduling of Payment Prog FI
FB03S Display Split Documents FI
FB03Z Display Document/Payment Usage FI
FB08S Reverse Split Document FI
FB09D Display Line Items FI
FBBCX Post Document with Currency Exchange FI
FBICC ICR: Generate Default Customizing FI
FBWO1 Maintenance View: Orbian Links FI
FD10N Customer Balance Display FI
FEC14 Clearing groups FI
FEV10 Secondary cost elem. to be ignored FI
FEV11 Regulatory indicator assignmnt field FI
FEV13 Clearing cost elements FI
FEV3A Regulatory indicator variants FI
FEVF6 Organizational assignment of objects FI
FK10N Vendor Balance Display FI
FS10N Balance Display FI
J1GCD Check Digit Routines (for Cheques) FI
J1GCL Customer Ledger FI
J1GGL Detailed Ledger FI
J1GVL Vendor Ledger FI
OBT10 C FI Maintenance Table TTXID (DOC_ITEM) FI
OBVCS C FI Display View FI
OBVCU C FI Maintain View Cluster FI
ACCR01 Create Accrual/Deferral Document FI
ACCR02 Change Accrual/Deferral Document FI
ACCR03 Display Accrual/Deferral Document FI
ACCR04 Execute Accruals/Deferrals FI
ACCR05 Display Accruals/Deferrals Log FI
ACCR06 Delete Accruals/Deferrals Log FI
ACCR07 Reverse Accruals/Deferrals FI
ERS_IT Number range maintenance: ERS_IT FI
FBICA1 GL Open Items: Document Assignment FI
FBICA2 GL Accounts: Document Assignment FI
FBICA3 Customer/Vendor: Document Assignment FI
FBICD1 Open Items: Differences Development FI
FBICD2 GL Accounts: Differences Development FI
FBICD3 Open Items: Differences Development FI
FBICR1 GL Open Items: Reconcile Documents FI
FBICR2 GL Accounts: Reconcile Documents FI
FBICR3 Customer/Vendor: Reconcile Documents FI
FBICS1 GL Open Items: Select Documents FI
FBICS2 GL Accounts: Select Documents FI
FBICS3 Customer/Vendor: Select Documents FI
FD10NA Customer Bal. Display with Worklist FI
FEV13A Cost element variants FI
FINTAP Item Interest Calculation Vendors FI
FK10NA Vendor Balance Display FI
FLOREO Customizing of Logical Document Reorganization FI
FOTED1 Electr. Data Transmission Settings FI
FOTED2 Elec. Data Transmission Parameter(s) FI
FS10NA Display Balances FI
J1GAL0 Maintain J_1GALC FI
J1GAL1 Maintain J_1GAR_AL_V FI
J1GAL2 Maintain J_1GOR FI
J1GAL3 Maintain J_1GGA FI
J1GAL4 Maintain J_1GIA FI
J1GAL8 Update A/L (FI) from SPL FI
J1GALD Maintain J_1GAT_V FI
J1GALE Maintain J_1GOP FI
J1GALF Maintain J_1GALL FI
J1GALT Create table group FI
J1GCHL Cash in hands information FI
J1GCOA Chart of Accounts FI
J1GCPD Xtd Bill of Exchange information FI
J1GFDD Customer Financial Data FI
J1GFDK Vendor Financial Data FI
J1GJR0 Document journal FI
J1GJR1 Document types FI
J1GJR2 Posting keys FI
J1GJR3 Journals FI
J1GJR4 Journal descriptions FI
J1GJR5 Document types assignment FI
J1GJR6 Document types FI
J1GJR7 Legal numbers list FI
J1GJR8 Document types assignment FI
J1GJR9 Control table FI
J1GJRA Admin tool for Journal official runs FI
J1GOD0 Control table FI
J1GSL0 Summarized Ledger FI
J1GSL1 Control table FI
J1GTBC Control table FI
J1GTBD Customer Trial Balance FI
J1GTBG Ledger Trial Balance FI
J1GTBK Vendor Trial Balance FI
J1GTDL Dual Acc.System Reconcil.Table FI
J1UFMR Customizing for exch.diff.accounting FI
J1UFN1 Difference List for Stock FI
J1UFRL Revaluation document list FI
OFB2E1 RFC Connections for IC Reconciliatn FI
OFB2E2 e-mail Templates for IC Reconciliatn FI
OFB2E3 Define Reconciliation Criteria FI
OFN_YR Number range maintenance: OFN_YR FI
FBIC001 Check Assignment of Accounts FI
FBIC002 Automatically Assign Accounts FI
FBIC003 Create Additional Fields FI
FBIC004 Activate Transaction Data Tables FI
FBIC005 Create Additional Fields FI
FBIC006 Create Additional Fields FI
FBIC008 Companies to be Reconciled FI
FBIC009 Companies to be Reconciled FI
FBIC010 Reconciliation Process Attributes FI
FBIC011 Auxiliary Programs FI
FBIC012 Reconciliation: Delete Data FI
FBIC013 Reconciliation: Recalculate Totals FI
FBIC014 Reconciliation: Delete Data FI
FBIC015 Reconciliation: Recalculate Totals FI
FBIC016 Reconciliation: Documents FI
FBIC017 Reconciliation: Totals Records FI
FBIC018 Reconciliation: Totals Records FI
FBIC019 Reconciliation: Documents FI
FBIC020 Reconciliation: Status FI
FBIC021 Reconciliation: Status FI
FBIC022 Reconciliation: Status FI
FBIC023 Reconciliation: Delete Data FI
FBIC024 Reconciliation: Recalculate Totals FI
FBIC025 Reconciliation: Documents FI
FBIC026 Reconciliation: Totals Records FI
FBIC027 Activate Process Tables FI
FBIC028 Activate Process Tables FI
FBIC029 Activate Process Tables FI
FBIC030 Activate Process Tables FI
FBIC031 Activate Process Tables FI
FBIC032 Companies to be Reconciled FI
FBIC033 Download Contact Person Data FI
FBIC034 Upload Contact Person Data FI
FBIC035 Define Companies FI
FBICR3L Intercompany Reconciliation (Local) FI
FD10NET Customer Balance Display FI
FDKUSER Internet: User Action Assignment FI
FK10NET Vendor Balance Display FI
F_IT_01 Report RFSUMB00 Italy FI
J1GCVAL Customer valuation FI
J1GDAS1 Maintain J_1GID FI
J1GDAS2 Maintain J_1GIM FI
J1GFBWE Bill/Exch.Presentation -Greek FI
J1GFISA Print FI document card FI
J1GTBGF Trial Balance to ASCII file FI
J1GVVAL Vendor valuation FI
J1UFBVC Currency balance value evaluation FI
J1UFEXP Export report FI
J1UFFAR Fixed Assets repairs FI
J1UFGPN Tax vouchers generation FI
J1UFIMP Import report FI
J1UFKPP Sales/purchase book for Ukraine FI
J1UFRON Check list for incoming tax vouchers FI
J1UFRVN Check list for outgoing tax vouchers FI
J1UFTVG Tax voucher creation FI
J1UF_F7 Form 7 FI
J1UF_PD Profit declaration FI
J3KNA14 Foreign payment order FI
OACCR01 Accruals/Deferrals Document Type Maintenance FI
OACCR02 G/L Account Determination for Acr./Definition FI
FBICIMG3 Cross-System IC Reconciliation FI
FBZA_OLD Display Pmnt Program Configuration FI
FBZP_OLD Maintain Pmnt Program Configuration FI
FDKTRANS Transport User Actions FI_AP/AR FI
FINTSHOW Overview of Int. Runs for Item. Int. FI
J1GCKCP0 Create and print G/L Account checque FI
J1GCKPR0 Print a manual cheque FI
J1GPMT3V Check print program FI
J1GVATC1 Accountsubstitutions for VAT report FI
J1UFAB08 FI-AA reversal documet posting 4.6C FI
J1UFCOMP Act compare FI
J1UFINV1 Inventory of Fixed Assets FI
J1UF_TTD Calc. of the temporary tax differen FI
J3KLANDA Alternative country codes FI
OFFNUMLV Obsolete: Assignment of Act Numb.Group FI
RFUMSV52 Analysis of Deferred Tax Accounts FI
RFUMSV53 Deferred Tax Toolbox FI
F107_A2MT Assign Transaction Types to Actions FI
F107_MT2A Assign Transaction Types to Actions FI
F107_PROV FI Provisions FI
FBICRC001 Configure Reconciliation Overview FI
FBICRC002 Set Up Assignment Confirmation FI
FBICRC003 Configure Service Requests FI
J1UFFORM4 Capital Flow Statement FI
J1UFTAX21 VAT declaration (Ukraine) FI
OFFNUMLV2 Assign Number Ranges for ODN LV FI
FAREA_MODE Setting: Determination of Funct.Area FI
FGSODN_IT1 Number range maintenance: FIN2_IT FI
FMFG_AAPAY Partial Clearing by Account . Assignment FI
F_RFUMSV25 Transfer Posting for Deferred Tax FI
MPO_APPREQ Services for Request Types FI
OFB2E_CNUM Company IDs in External System FI
DOCCHG_FB05 Post with Clearing FI
FBICRC_SNRO Number Range Maintnce: FBICRC_REF FI
FMFG_AADISP Display Items by Account . Assignment FI
FSL_EVALUNR Number Range Maintenance: SL_EVALU FI
J1G_SM30_GL Maintain J_1GGL FI
J1G_SM30_GS Maintain J_1GGS FI
J1UF_IN_OUT Register incom./outgoing tax voucher FI
J5KFHLFADAC Advance Accounting FI
F107_PROV_RP FI Discounting: Receivables/Payables FI
J3KNA14_PRIM Remark control Foreign Payment Order FI
OB_V_CESSION FI Customizing: Accounts Rble Fact.Ind. FI
F107_PROVMETH FI Provision Calculation Methods FI
FBIC_SNRO_DOC Number range maintenance: FBICRC_DOC FI
J5KFHLFCASH15 Cash Journal Reports FI
S_AC0_52000644 Deferred Tax Transfer FI
S_AL0_96000497 Accounting Document FI
S_AL0_96000639 Resolution AFIP 615 FI
S_AL0_96000640 Significant Transaction Cross Check CTTI FI
S_AL0_96000642 Daily Report for VAT FI
S_AL0_96000738 RFIDPTFO FI
OB_T001_CESSION FI Customizing: Accounts Rble Pledging FI
FIAR_DUN_TOPLIST Due Date Grid for Dunned Customers FI
F_TIBAN_WO_ACCNO Maintenance View TIBAN_WO_ACCNO (Modification ) FI
SSC_SR_AUTO_F110 Srvc. Requisition for Payment Run FI
FIAR_QRYCACHE_CFG Set Retention Period for Cache FI
FSSC_SR_CO_REPORT Service Request Report for CO FI
FSSC_SR_FI_REPORT Service requestion report for FI FI
FBICRC_PREDEF_TOOL ICR: Launch Predefinition Tool FI
FIAR_OVERDUE_TOPLIST Due Date Grid for Customers FI
FIAR_PAYDIFF_TOPLIST Customers with Payment Differences FI
J1UF_SET_PROFIT_DECL Settings profit declaration FI

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